‘Tis the Season to Recoup and Regrow

At last, it seems, the COVID-19 hibernation is ending. People are (safely) venturing out to eat and shop. Families and friends are gradually reuniting in person. And businesses are opening up, trying to recoup the losses they weathered from the pandemic. And even though we are unlikely to see “normal” again for a long time, you can be ready for customers who are anxious to conduct business again. If you have a strategy in place to reengage your customers, your Scottsdale small business can enjoy greater success and a smoother transition into our “new normal.”

Here are a few ideas for you to use in helping your business regain some lost progress.

Get the word out.

Because most customers probably don’t regularly check your website, sending out an email campaign is a quick and inexpensive way to reconnect with customers. Keep in mind that the customers you worked with four months ago might be different in many ways from the ones you’ll reach out to today. People have suffered loss of different kinds, and have been in a higher state of anxiety. Your customers will appreciate your sensitivity to their new frame of mind and new circumstances.

Include some snail mail.

Sometimes people prefer a good old-fashioned coupon in the mail. Be reasonably generous with your post-pandemic offers and deals, and you could see your old customers come back more faithful than ever. And if the thought of spending your already-limited time on coordinating a mass mailing makes your want to forget the whole idea, remember that Pacesetter’s administrative services include Arizona mail-sending, mail-handling, and more.

Have a heart.

With the impact of the coronavirus reaching heartbreakingly far and wide, clients will want to align themselves with a business who aims to help others. Whether you hold a food drive, donate hand sanitizer to a local front-line industry, or offer a feel-good coffee and donut morning, your acts of charity won’t go unnoticed by current and future clients.

No technology? No space? No problem.

If the COVID outbreak has taken a toll on your financial outlook, you may not have access to the technology you need for meetings or other day-to-day functioning. Or perhaps you weren’t able to keep your rented office space. Pacesetter would love to help you. We offer Phoenix office spaces for lease that encompass everything you need to conduct your business; large and comfortable spaces, high-speed internet, a professional mailing address with outdoor signage, and a skilled administrative staff. Whether every day or once a month, we have Scottsdale offices available for you.

Here at Pacesetter we understand the struggle facing Phoenix small businesses today. You’ve suffered financial loss, and you’re ready to get back out there and rebuild your brand. With strategy and sympathy in mind, and with our Arizona virtual office services to help, your company can take this time of regrowth and come back even stronger than you were before.