Flexible Workspace in Scottsdale, AZ

Touted as one of the top cities in the country to live, work, and launch a business in, Scottsdale has also always been a magnet for corporate headquarters, hosting businesses in financial, retail, service, design, and manufacturing fields, with more tech companies calling Scottsdale home as the tech sector expands here.

Halfway through 2021, we take a look at the future of work in Scottsdale. As employers contemplate bringing employees back to the office, remaining at home, or developing hybrid schedules, there is no doubt work will look different. Scottsdale moves forward as more people are vaccinated and pandemic restrictions are lifted. Some of Scottsdale’s over 25,000 businesses of varying sizes are still working out how to proceed.

As office density changes, more schedules go mobile

One thing that will influence office design for a while going forward revolves around social distancing guidelines. Larger spaces between desks, with more open spaces to move around offices, will mean that employees are likely to adopt a more mobile style of working, as some businesses will only allow so many workers at one time in office buildings. As businesses get back to work in Scottsdale, flexibility is the key to successfully navigating these uncertain waters. One work option growing in popularity in Scottsdale because of and despite the pandemic is flexible office spaces. Coworking spaces have evolved from their party-atmosphere tech startup roots into turnkey opportunities where people enjoy working and where business professionals can interact with their local business community and extend their reach to other markets without massive investments in regional offices. For businesses wrestling with where their employees should work in Scottsdale, as the pandemic wanes, flexible office spaces, such as Pacesetter Workspaces offer a variety of options for employees and businesses alike.

Remote workers

Companies can keep their remote employees engaged in a business environment that motivates them and encourages collaboration by offering some days working in a comfortable flexible office space and some days from home. Working at a flexible office space affords remote workers a professional environment to work in without the distractions of home. Employees that prefer remote work to commuting into the office can compromise by working closer to home in flexible workspaces. Businesses can take advantage of flexible workspaces for teams that need to work in person.


Some team projects need spontaneity that can only happen during in-person meetings. Flexible workspaces can accommodate teams that need to meet on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Team members may be inspired by other members of their flexible space communities, sparking new ideas for a project and extending your company’s reach into the Scottsdale business sector. Flexible spaces offer state-of-the-art conference and meeting rooms for departmental meetings, as well, at reasonable member rates. Some companies can accommodate regional teams in flexible office spaces.

Regional workers and people relocating

Companies thinking about moving into the Scottsdale market can set down roots in flexible workspaces, renting a private office for your Scottsdale team. Getting to know other area business professionals from many in the local Scottsdale business community represented in flexible office spaces offers more exposure to your brand and establishes your footing in Scottsdale. Now, with mobility as a choice for where you work now, many people are choosing to relocate to places like Scottsdale and Phoenix to escape the congestion in larger urban centers, such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Setting up shop in a Scottsdale flexible office space makes the relocation process easier, giving newcomers immediate access to the diverse communities that populate flexible office spaces. With a great standing as a progressive city, “the city’s progressive leadership has kept taxes low for both families and corporations and has frequently been honored as one of the nation’s best-run cities,” according to the Choose Scottsdale website. The growth trend in flexible office spaces, has many companies choosing to grow at a flexible pace with flexible space and the ability to scale their businesses as they grow or shrink without the long-term lease expense and liability.

Attracting companies in the new normal

Before the pandemic, businesses wanting to incorporate the flexible workspace atmosphere into their company cultures were beginning to join flexible workspaces at the enterprise level. With everything companies and employees need to do optimal work at their fingertips, some Scottsdale companies are moving into flexible office spaces to focus on their work and leave office management to the resourceful hands of our community managers. As some businesses are restructuring, some to reduce their physical footprint and some to recoup losses from the pandemic, flexible office spaces offer these Scottsdale businesses an upscale home and professional business address.

As we move into the second half of 2021, you can rest assured that offices are going to be different than they were pre-pandemic. The word, “office” is changing from a place you work, to a state of mind that you can engage in anywhere there’s technology. Scottsdale’s solid reputation as a city that mentors and encourages businesspeople, we will see a lot more employees and businesses leveraging the turnkey opportunities and scalability these flexible office spaces in the Scottsdale area offer. From businesses, individuals, and families that are relocating to Scottsdale, to remote workers in need of an actual office environment, companies that need a place for teams and regional employees to meet, or businesses in need of meeting space for departmental meetings, flexible workspaces offer the best of both worlds post-pandemic.

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