Feeling the Distance?

With the world trying to adjust to a new daily routine amidst the recent virus outbreak, you can rest assured that Pacesetter Workspaces has had “social distancing” perfected long before it became a trending necessity. Virtual offices have always made sense for many small business owners, and now more people than ever are turning to working remotely.

Here are some reasons that you should consider a Phoenix virtual office service with Pacesetter Workspaces.

You’ll have the ability to work from anywhere.

And, while most people have been opting to run their business from their quarantine-friendly homes, the beauty of letting Pacesetter assist with your virtual office is that you work from any location you wish. No more being worried about missing important phone calls because you’re not able to answer the phone from the loud restaurant or playground where you’re working. Our virtual receptionists can expertly answer all calls, answer general questions about your business, and immediately relay messages to you.

Goodbye commuting, hello telecommuting.

For many people, their daily commute is one of the worst aspects of their job. In fact, vox.com reported that commuting to and from a job is linked to higher levels of stress, obesity, and depression. And not only is sitting in traffic maddening and unhealthy, but it also has negative impacts on the environment thanks to car-emitted pollution, and an increased need for gasoline or electricity. When you utilize our virtual office services in Arizona, you can bid farewell to commuting and its unhappy side effects.

You’ll develop healthier habits.

When you’re not housed in an office, you have the freedom to take a walk during a virtual meeting or lecture, fit in an exercise class over your lunch break, and attend necessary doctor’s appointments as needed.

Enjoy a happier home life.

When you utilize our virtual office services, you can be more present in family events. Parent/teacher conferences, special school events, important appointments for your parents or friends, and being able to stay home with sick family members can all be your reality when you’re not committed to set office hours. Being your own boss means you make your own schedule. And using Scottsdale virtual office services with Pacesetter means that no customer calls are missed, no matter where you happen to be at that moment.

In this time of necessary isolation, you can feel as connected as ever thanks to the Phoenix virtual office services from Pacesetter.

Give us a call so we can tailor a plan just for you. Regardless of your business size or number of incoming calls, we’ll make sure your business appears well-established and professionally-staffed to clients or associates who contact you. There are many things that will likely suffer as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, but your business doesn’t have to be one of them.