Face (to Face) the Facts

client meeting in scottsdale

In today’s business world, you know that virtual is king. This is for good reason; everything from customer service, to product purchases, to customer satisfaction reports can happen online – instantly, effectively, and with accurate records. And if your business isn’t working to keep up with the latest online trends, you could easily see your success dwindle and be left in the virtual dust. Knowing this, chances are that as a Scottsdale small business owner, you’re well versed in all things online. However, as you conduct your daily business over your computer, it’s important to keep in mind that there are still occasions where meeting face-to-face is the best option.

When working with potential or current customers, meeting in-person can benefit you in many ways:

They can see your body language and authenticity

How many times have you fallen victim to a misconstrued text or email? Despite prolific use of emojis or other virtual attempts at expression, typed-out messages can consistently be interpreted in many different ways. Even a personal phone call can lead to subconscious uncertainty about intentions or character. Meeting face-to-face allows your customers, investors, or employees to read your body language and facial expressions, and get a more accurate read of your true character. This can help them establish trust in you, your abilities, and your business.

Seeing is believing

You want your small business to be well-represented. At Pacesetter Workspaces we make it easy for you to book a spacious, professional meeting room. Our Phoenix meeting rooms for rent are well-appointed with modern presenting technology, comfortable seating, and quality amenities. No matter the size of your meeting, we have the meeting room available to impress your clients and inspire confidence.

Focus, focus

The ease of technology is a double-edged sword. The downside to everything being at everyone’s fingertips is that your customer or employees are likely distracted during phone or virtual meetings. A significant benefit to in-person meetings is the guarantee that you and the person you’re taking to have each other’s undivided attention.

Your efforts will be appreciated

It’s a rare occurrence to call a business and speak to a live person. But to have a business owner devote time out of their schedule to meet with you personally? That makes an impression. Meeting with current or potential clients or employees lets them realize their value to you. It helps establish mutual trust and encourages strong positive relationships. When they can put a face behind the email address or website, they’ll recognize more of your full potential and validity as a merchant, employer, or partner.

Come by for a visit and let us show you the Arizona meeting rooms available at Pacesetter Workspaces. No matter the size, frequency, or duration of your meeting, we have the beautiful and professional meeting rooms for lease available. We believe this can be an important step in the success of your enterprise, because in this online world, a handshake and eye contact can still be the most effective mode of business.